Gregory Roberts selected to lead Oregon State Hospital

From the Salem Statesman Journal, August 3, 2010

Gregory Roberts

Gregory Roberts

A New Jersey state hospital administrator has been selected to take the leadership reins at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, the Statesman Journal learned today.

State officials are expected to announce later today that their choice to fill the OSH superintendent post is Gregory Roberts, director of the Office of State Hospital Management in New Jersey.

Roberts has worked in human services since 1973 and has served as the chief executive officer at five state psychiatric hospitals in New Jersey. In his current position, he directly supervises the CEOs of each state hospital there.

Roberts is scheduled to assume leadership of the Oregon State Hospital on Sept. 20.

Roberts was one of three finalists for the OSH post. The two other candidates were Ron Adler, CEO of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute, and John Cooper, CEO of the Arizona State Hospital.

The search for a new hospital leader began on the heels of the April 2 forced resignation of superintendent Roy Orr.

Orr was asked to resign by state human services director Bruce Goldberg and addictions and mental health division director Richard Harris. They said new leadership was necessary to speed up the pace of change at OSH.

The U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division has strongly criticized patient care and hospital conditions during an ongoing four-year investigation of OSH.

From the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health Services web site.

Greg Roberts has worked in Human Services since 1973, and has served as the Chief Executive Officer at five state psychiatric hospitals in New Jersey. Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center (1990); Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital (1994-1998); Ancora Psychiatric Hospital (1998-2000 and 2007-2008); Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (2000-2003); Trenton Psychiatric Hospital (2003-2006).

As Assistant Director, OSHM, Greg directly supervises the CEOs of each state hospital, except Ann Klein Forensic Center. He also supervises the Patient Services Compliance Unit (PSCU) and the Centralized Admissions Office.