Addictions and Mental Health Division’s Vision, Mission & Goals

This note and accompanying text was circulated by AMH on August 4, 2010 via email

The Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH) as part of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has developed a new mission, vision, and goals document. This document is the result of input from AMH staff and leadership, advisory committees and key constituents within the OHA and the Department of Human Services. The purpose of this document is to guide our work into the future for strategic planning, investments, and to clarify our role within the broadening health care delivery system.

As we face upcoming opportunities and challenges, this document will be a key tool in our communication, policy development, and planning with the governor and legislators, agency leadership, system partners, individuals who receive services and their families, health care providers and funders, and other stakeholders. We will use it to develop outcomes and to benchmark our progress in meeting our mission. AMH program and policy units will be organized to achieve the outlined goals.

Our collective ability to elevate the significance of addictions and mental health prevention and treatment within the health care delivery system will assist Oregonians to achieve optimal physical, mental and social well being to live, be educated, work and participate in their communities. Thank you in advance for your work towards accomplishing the AMH vision, mission, and goals.

Richard L. Harris
Assistant Director, Addictions and Mental Health Division
500 Summer St NE E-86 Salem, OR 97301-1118


The Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH) as part of the Oregon Health Authority, envisions a healthy Oregon where mental health disorders and addiction to substances and or gambling are prevented through education, early intervention and access to appropriate health care.

Mission Statement

The mission of AMH is to assist Oregonians to achieve optimum physical, mental and social well being by providing access to health, mental health and addiction services and supports to meet the needs of adults and children to live, be educated, work and participate in their communities.

The mission is accomplished by working in partnership with individuals and their families, counties, other state agencies, providers, advocates and communities to accomplish the following goals.


Improve the lifelong health of all Oregonians;

Improve the quality of life for the people served;

Increase the availability, utilization, and quality of community-based, integrated health care services;

Reduce overall health care and societal costs through appropriate investments;

Increase the effectiveness of the integrated health care delivery system;

Increase the involvement of individuals and family members in all aspects of health care delivery and planning;

Increase accountability of the health care system; and

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the state administrative infrastructure for health care.