Witnesses question Salem police shooting of Jackie Ford

From KOIN.com, May 12, 2014

People who witnessed police shoot and kill a 25-year-old woman in Salem last Friday said they question whether the shooting was necessary.

Michael Shelley
, who lives across the street from Eastgate Basin Park where Jacklynn Ford was shot by police, said he saw enough of the altercation to at least raise some troubling questions.

Shelley said he watched Ford run from a traffic stop into the nearby park and witnessed a police dog chase her down and start attacking her.

“The dog was up on its hind legs and it had something in its grasp. I don’t think it was the officer because she (Ford) was yelling, ‘Ouch, stop that hurts. Let go,’” said Shelley.

After being attacked by the police dog, Shelley said he saw Ford get back on her feet with what appeared to be an injured right arm right before she was shot and killed by Salem Police Officer Trevor Morrison.

Shelley claimed Ford’s mother told him the girl was right handed and would not have been able to operate any sort of weapon after the dog attacked Ford.

“It was just hanging at her side, and I believe my brother saw the same thing. It did not look like she could use that arm at all,” said Shelley.

The Marion County District Attorney’s Office said they are still assembling the facts and interviews in the case.

Meanwhile, Morrison is currently on paid leave as the Oregon State Police take over the investigation.