Who was Jesse Weatherford?

Jesse Weatherford

Jesse Weatherford

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From the Myspace of Jesse Weatherford

Male – 22 years old, P-TowN, Oregon – United States

Jesse’s Interests
General – Music, friends, family…. school and my masters
Music – Techno, urban hip hop, rock!
Movies – crash, memento, caladeral, pass it on….
Television – Maui fever, rob and big == some funny shit
Books – hightimes
Heroes – soldiers, my brother (iraqi freedom veteran)

Last Login: 2/18/2009

No matter how bad you’ve had it, don’t look back or life will pass you by.

Life is life. Just live it and have fun while your around.

Be greatful for the people you love and the people that love you.

Try to do the best you can when you can. Don’t do stupid shit you’ll regret later in life.

Jesse Weatherford

Jesse Weatherford

You only got one chance to live and to experience this world so dont just sit around and let life pass you by.

Be yourself and no one else.

Don’t take for granted the people that care about you cause once their gone their gone and you don’t want to regret the shit you’ve done or could have done.

I love to meet new people and learn new things.. just livin life…day by day..


Jesse Weatherford Shot and Killed by Milwaukie Police