Universal Health Services wants a new hospital in Oregon

This is an archive of documents pertaining to the petition by Universal Health Services to the State of Oregon to build a 100 bed private psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville, Oregon. The petition application for “NEWCO” began in Fall of 2016 and floundered in the spring of 2017. The Mental Health Association of Portland was an “affected party” to the petition.

UHS renewed it’s campaign in the Fall of 2019.

Universal Health Services, also functioning under the name Fairfax Behavioral Health, has private psychiatric hospitals in Everett, Monroe and Kirkland Washington, and has proposed new facilities in Thurston and Spokane Counties. In Oregon, Universal Health Services owns Cedar Hills Hospital.


Psychiatric Hospital Battles Medicaid Powerhouses Over Patients
The Lund Report, December 10, 2019

A Pennsylvania-based Fortune 500 health care company is having a tough time elbowing its way into the Oregon market, judging by a lawsuit the company filed against five Oregon Medicaid insurers and its stymied attempt so far to build a psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville.

After months of litigation, Universal Health Services and the five insurers remain at odds over who’s responsible for nearly $2.5 million worth of emergency-room treatment at Cedar Hills Hospital in Portland. The 98-bed hospital, owned by Universal Health, treated the patients from 2014 to 2018.

At the same time, Universal is taking another run at winning state approval to build a 100-bed psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville. Its latest application comes two years after its previous attempt was rejected amid opposition from Oregon hospital systems.

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Hospital Backers Sue Oregon Health Authority, Alleging State is Trying to Hide Public Records Behind Huge Fees
OHA initially said the request would cost $4,500, then allegedly demanded an additional $44,600 to begin providing documents.
September 12, 2017

Mental Health Provider NEWCO Oregon Inc. Pursues Antitrust Lawsuit Against Oregon Health Authority – press release
Tort claim notice alleges OHA promoted anti-competitive collusion between Portland-area hospital monopolies
August 16, 2017

Wilsonville psychiatric hospital applicant sues Oregon Health Authority
June 23, 2017
OHA rejects proposed 100-bed psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville
February 24, 2017

National health care firm proposing $36M psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville – Oregon Business Journal, October 2016

Wilsonville’s Development Review Board Panel B approves mental health hospital application, Facility would focus on serving adolescent patients – Portland Tribune, February 2016


NEWCO’s initial application and attached documents (PDF – 614 pages / 412 MB – via dropbox)

Letter of Intent from Lifeways Inc., a proposed 16 bed psychiatric hospital in Hermiston, October 2016

Meeting Announcement for Certificate of Need for NEWCO, to occur November 17, 2016.

Letter from NAMI Oregon requesting “affected party status,” October 2016

Letter from OHA to Fairfax Behavioral Health System about incomplete application from NEWCO, September 2016

Cedar Hills Hospital basic financial records for 2013-2016

Universal Health Services – 2015 Annual Report

Universal Health Services & “Willamette Valley Behavioral Health” – PATIENT WINDOW SIGHTLINE DIAGRAM (2015)

Universal Health Services – “Wilsonville Behavioral Health Hospital” – “Response to OHA CON Comments,” October 2016

UHS “Willamette Valley Behavioral Health” patient schedule – October 2016

Cover Letter to OHA from Fairfax Behavioral Health, October 2016

Responses to OHA questions about NEWCO – unsigned & undated, but likely from Fairfax Behavioral Health and associated with cover letter above.

Universal Health Services – “Wilsonville Behavioral Health Hospital” – floor plan of proposed hospital, October 2016

Cover letter and responses to OHA questions about NEWCO, August 2016

Cover letter and responses to OHA questions about NEWCO<, March 2016

Cover letter and responses to OHA questions about NEWCO, June 2016

Cover letter and responses to OHA questions about NEWCO June 28, 2016

Metro West Ambulance rescinding letter of support, September 2016

These documents have not been titled or dated yet.

NEWCO Responce

SEIU Comment re UHS-NewCo CON Wilsonville (final)

Transcript of Public Hearing_2016-11-17

Comment Letter to CN Program Revised FinalDec1

Attachmentsfor CON ltr12022016

Letter from Free By The Sea to Jana Fussell, December 2016

Letter from Salem Health to Jana Fussell, November 2016

Letter from Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp to Jana Fussell, November 2016

Message from SEIU to Jana Fussell re County Sheriff log, November 2016

Sheriff Reports for 10300 SW Eastridge Street (Cedar Hills Hospital)

Audrey S_BlachlyLE




Wilsonville Mayor’s Ltr of Comment – UHS Hearing 11_17_2016







DRO testimony re NEWCO 11-23-16

Letter to Janet Fussell Dated Novemer 282016

NEWCO CON Testimony — NAMI Oregon

Comment Letter to CN Program Revised FinalDec1



Rescinding Letter of Support 9-26-16

SEIU Affected Party Status Request

NEWCODROaffected 11-3-16


NEWCO SEIU Affected 11-09-2016

NEWCO SEIU Affected 11-09-2016


Kasper Affected Party Status Application for App Number 765

NEWCO Legacy Affected 09-10-16



Providence_NEWCO CON_Affected party 111016


Emergency Department Boarding of Psychiatric Patients in Oregon – A Report to Oregon Health Authority – FULL VERSION, October 28, 2016
=Emergency Department Boarding of Psychiatric Patients in Oregon – A Report to Oregon Health Authority – BRIEF VERSION, October 28, 2016
Jangho Yoon, PhD
Jeff Luck, PhD
Megan Cahn, PhD
Linh Bui, MIPH
Diana Govier, MPH

response letter 010417

White Paper Response_Final 010917- 1st Version


RESPONCE REQUESTED — OHA – Request for extention of time for NEWCO (CN#675)

Cedar Hills Email

FW NEWCO CN #675 Delayed Decision

Occupancy Rates

NEWCO Responce

LegacyResponse to reconsideration hearing3172017



Signed Ltr to Selover re Req. for Hearing

NEWCO Oregon Inc. Request for Informal Hearing

email correspondence for the NEWCO Certificate of Need (#675) application – 1 2017

Letter from Fussell to NEWCO – 9 2016

Public Meeting Notice 10-28-16