Tribune: Chasse homicide transcript conflicts with videotape

From the Portland Tribune, October 20 2008 (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Excerpts from a Portland Police Bureau transcript of the Sept. 20, 2006, interview of officer Christopher Humphreys by police homicide Detective Lynn Courtney.

Officer Christopher Humphreys & Sargeant Kyle Nice

Officer Christopher Humphreys & Sargeant Kyle Nice

Humphreys: … I catch up to him and I basically just, uh, as I’m kinda matching his speed, I gave him a really hard shove with my forearms on his back. Um, and uh, which, it, it says we trained to do on foot pursuits.

You know, you either run up behind ’em and hit ’em in the back to kinda trip up their steps, break the rhythm of their steps and that’s exactly what it did. I mean, it tripped up his rhythm, uh, I think maybe he took one step after I hit him and he went down and I went right past him about one step. Because basically what I’d done was tripped up my rhythm too when I hit ’em and I got maybe one step and then I just went boom, down right on the ground.

Um, and I, I actually Iremember was just goin’ down I thought, ‘Boy this is gonna hurt, um, on the pavement.’ And I, I land on the pavement …

Courtney: So when you fell, um, after you pushed him and got tripped up. Did you fall on the sidewalk, did you say not on him?

Humphreys: Yeah, I fell on the sidewalk. I went right, right over and past him.

(Later in the conversation)

Courtney: And how did he fall? Did he fall face first, on his side, do you recall?

Humphreys: I, you know what, I don’t even recall. Um, I mean I went right over and did this shoulder roll land and flipped right back on my, or I landed basically on my back …

Courtney: … So, you roll over and you don’t actually land on him in any way.

Humphreys: No.

Courtney: When you uh, stumble and fall too.

Humphreys: No.