Transcript of 9-1-1 Call From Mother of Teen Fatally Shot by Police

from, Monday, September 18, 2006

9-1-1 call from Hope Glenn to Washington County Dispatch on 9/16/06 at 0305 hours. The following is a partial transcript transcribed by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

DISPATCH: 911 what’s your emergency?

HOPE GLENN: I need the cops to my house immediately, I have a son that is out of control busting out windows and has a knife and is threatening us. He’s busting out car windows. He’s trying to get keys to a car, he’s drunk.

DISPATCH: What kind of a knife is it?

HOPE GLENN: It’s just a pocket knife, I think.

(Background noise: obscenities)

DISPATCH: Can you guys get away from him?

HOPE GLENN: Yeah, but he’s wrecking everything here. We’re just trying to talk to him…He’s threatening to kill himself if the cops come here. He’s already bleeding pretty bad…He’s been busting out all the windows with his hands. He’s just really, really intoxicated…His two friends are here trying to talk sense into him but he’s not listening. He says he’s not leaving until the cops shoot him and kill him…He busted out all our car windows. He’s angry because we won’t give him keys…

DISPATCH: Can you lock the door so he stays outside?

HOPE GLENN: Well he’s busting all our house windows. If I shut the door he’s already busted our front door… He just keeps threatening to kill everybody…he’s just not in the right head… He says when the cops get here he’s gonna stab himself in the neck.

DISPATCHER: We’ll have the paramedics come as well.

HOPE GLENN: He said he’s not going down without killing someone. We’re gonna watch him die tonight.

DISPATCHER: Does he have a history of suicide?

HOPE GLENN: No….he attempted it once before I think. You know he was really depressed

HOPE GLENN: Shut the door. Shut the door. Don’t let him in.

HOPE GLENN: He’s walking towards us. He says he’s killing himself right now…as soon as the cops get here.

HOPE GLENN: He says he’s gonna run at the cop with the knife. He wants the cop to shoot him.

(Deputy issuing commands: Sherriff’s Office get on the ground now.)

HOPE GLENN: Put it down. Put it down. I don’t wanna see you die.

HOPE GLENN: Don’t let them shoot him. Please don’t let them shoot him.

(Sounds of deputies ordering Lukus to drop the knife)

HOPE GLENN: They’re gonna kill, they’re gonna shoot him.

DISPATCHER: What’s going on now?

HOPE GLENN: They’re telling him to drop the knife or they’re going to shoot him.

Lukus: You kill me or I kill me.

HOPE GLENN: He’s saying he kills himself or they kill him. He just wants to die tonight.

HOPE GLENN: I can’t shut the door he busted it.

DISPATCHER: Can you move to another part of the house where you’re safe?

HOPE GLENN: I’m safe right now I think. Unless he comes running in here.

HOPE GLENN: He’s so drunk.

(Sound of gunfire)

HOPE GLENN: They shot him…..they killed him.

Approximately four minutes elapsed between when the deputies arrived and the first bean bag round was fired. Deputies were issuing repeated commands to Glenn during this four minute period to drop the knife.

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