The Synergist – an Oregon consumer-centric e-newsletter

The Synergist was (is?) a hard to find consumer-centric e-newsletter produced somewhat shyly initially by the Mental Health Association of Oregon, and now by the awkwardly titled SAMSHA-funded Mental Health America of Oregon. Though it was never consistently published, these back issues give a narrow glimpse into Oregon mental health advocacy, somewhat different than the Oregon State Hospital’s Recovery Times.

Fall 2005 – Donita Diamata: Turning Over Stones
February 2006 – Alternatives Conference Comes to Portland!
April 2006 – MVBCN Takes Positive Approach to Crisis Management for Trauma Survivors
December 2006 – Spotlight on the Oregon Consumer/Survivor Council
July 2006 – Bob Joondeph on Oregon State Hospital
Synergist April 2007 – Peer-Driven Mental Health Services: The Difference That Hope Makes
September 2007 – Consumer/Survivors in the Criminal Justice System: A Raw Deal
Summer 2009 – Peers Linking Together
Winter 2010 – To our health in 2010!
Fall 2010 – Frontier Leadership Network Strides Forward