Stun gun repeatedly used on homeless man by police in Gresham

From April 2023

Several business owners are accusing Gresham Police of overreacting after officers were caught on camera repeatedly using a stun gun on a 59-year-old homeless man.

It happened at Cheap Charlie’s Beer and Wine Superstore on the afternoon of March 9. Surveillance video shows Ronnie Amato frantically rushing into the store after an encounter with a Gresham Homeless Services Specialist outside. In the video, you can hear Amato yell for the store owner before sitting on his sleeping bag and watching police walk up to the front door.

One of the officers shouts for Amato to “stand up.” He replies, “No way.” The officer says, “Stand up, or you’re going to go to jail.” Amato yells, “I work here!”

The officers repeatedly ask Amato to get up. He tells them he did nothing wrong and seems confused, asking the store owner, Don Nguyen, to call the police. When Amato starts shoving shopping carts toward the officers, the confrontation escalates.