Storm Large musical “Crazy Enough” extended three more weeks

From the Oregonian, July 8 2009

Sometime very soon the fault lines of conflict in Portland seem destined to change. No longer will the big tension be a matter of bicyclists vs. motorists, Sam Adams supporters vs. Sam Adams detractors, or even those who want to live on 39th Avenue vs. those who want to rename 39th Avenue.

It’ll be folks with tickets to see Storm Large in “Crazy Enough” vs. those still clamoring for a seat to the theatrical sensation of the year.

Originally scheduled to run April 3 to June 7, the autobiographical musical starring Portland’s own blonde bombshell rocker turned reality-TV star turned actress has been packing the Gerding Theater’s basement Ellyn Bye Studio so consistently — and deservedly — that it’s been extended again and again.

The complete performance schedule is available here: SCHEDULE

OUR COMMENT – We haven’t seen CRAZY ENOUGH, but any doubters out there? Watch Storm evoke her mother and use a high school anthem on a network game show to make art and reduce her audience to tears.