Stanley William Peregoy

Oregonian May 16, 1987

Oregonian May 16, 1987

Gunman Takes 5 Agents Hostage in Oregon Before He Is Killed

From The New York Times, May 16, 1987

The body of Stanley W. Peregoy being removed from the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Portland. According to Charles Mathews, the agent in charge, Mr. Peregoy took five agents hostage in the building yesterday morning. He was killed by two other agents about 45 minutes later when he ”displayed immediate life-threatening actions directed at a specific agent,” Mr. Mathews said.

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From The Orlando Sentinel, May 22, 1987

The death of a man killed while holding five FBI agents hostage has been ruled a suicide. Dr. Karen Gunson, deputy state medical examiner, said that Stanley Peregoy ‘s actions before he invaded the FBI office at gunpoint last week left no doubt that he wanted to die. He had a will drawn up and put his private papers in order. ”So, I called it a suicide,” she said. An FBI spokesman said that Peregoy, 41, of Tillamook, Ore., who was shot when he threatened the life of one of the hostages, had been under psychiatric care in the past.

Man said he was watched

From The Seattle Times, May 22, 1987

The man who was shot to death in Portland, Oregon last week while holding five FBI agents hostage had tried to get into federal court to complain about being watched by federal agents, the Secret Service says

Stanley William Peregoy used a can of black spray paint to coat a bulletproof glass barrier in the reception area of the Secret Service office in downtown Portland, Alfred Bosco, special agent in charge, said yesterday.

The incident occurred Aug. 3, 1981, shortly after Peregoy returned from Europe, where he had worked for 10 years.

When a Secret Service agent summoned by the receptionist asked him what he was doing, Peregoy replied, “It prevents rust.”

During questioning by agents, he said he wanted to go to court and confront the government because he thought he was being watched, Bosco said.

Peregoy was cited for malicious destruction of federal property, Bosco said.

Peregoy forfeited a $25 bond and never appeared in federal court, Bosco said.

Man’s death ruled suicide

wire services, May 19, 1987

Stanley William Peregoy , shot to death after holding five FBI agents hostage in their office, meant to commit suicide, said Dr. Karen Gunson, the deputy state medical examiner.

”His actions indicate he was probably planning death,” the pathologist said. ”These actions included a visit to a lawyer, removal of important papers from his safety deposit box and a note on his person that referred to how he wanted to have his property divvied up.”