Springfield Public Schools faces lawsuit for disabled child’s confinement in “scream room”

The Oregonian, Oct. 9, 2015

This video shows seclusion cells used in the Portland Public School District prior to lawmakers’ 2012 intervention, which produced a set of rules prescribing insignificant changes. The much-ballyhooed “improvements” did not forbid seclusion, and the laws were so flimsy they allowed, the following year, the imprisonment of a terrified 7-year-old with multiple disabilities in a 6’x8′ concrete “scream room” without heat, light or windows at a Springfield elementary school. – Eds.

The family of a 7-year-old developmentally disabled student who says she was stuck in a dark, windowless “scream room” by her teacher has filed a $300,000 lawsuit against Springfield Public Schools.

The girl suffers from claustrophobia, post traumatic stress disorder, nightmares and fear of darkness because of repeated forced visits to the 6-by-8-foot room, says the lawsuit filed Thursday in Lane County Circuit Court. The room was used to punish her, the suit says.

A representative from the school district couldn’t offer immediate comment Friday. Continue reading at OregonLive.com