Sen. Prozanski drops bill to restrict gun rights of Oregonians accused of mental illness

KATU-2, Feb. 1, 2016

Oregon lawmakers discuss a proposed bill

Oregon lawmakers discuss a proposed bill

Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-South Lane and North Douglas counties, said Monday that he will no longer press forward this year with a bill intended to place holds on gun buys based on people’s mental health.

In a news release Prozanski said there wouldn’t be enough time to get Senate Bill 1551 where it should be during this month’s short legislative session.

“After conversations with various individuals and organizations … I remain concerned that the 35 days allotted for the short session is not enough time to complete necessary work on the bill,” Prozanski said in the release.

The bill would have allowed doctors, mental health professionals, teachers and even immediate family members to report someone with a mental health problem, who they believe is a danger to themselves or others, to the Oregon State Police.

The person then would not be allowed to buy a gun for 30 days.

Prozanski said he still supports keeping guns out of the hands of those “who pose an immediate threat to themselves or others” but he said he doesn’t believe there is enough time this year to “address the potential issues or unintended consequences” of his bill.

He said he will continue to work on the idea and will consider legislation for introduction during the state’s longer session in 2017.

This year’s short legislative session got underway Monday.