Request for Stakeholder Input on US DOJ v. City of Portland Settlement Agreement

Dear Portland Community,

The Department of Justice is in the process of determining whether the outcomes intended by our Settlement Agreement with the City of Portland have been achieved and whether any modification to the Agreement are necessary. Our obligation to conduct such an assessment is provided under paragraph 175, which states:

Two years after the Effective Date, DOJ shall conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine whether and to what extent the outcomes intended by the Agreement have been achieved. DOJ will further examine whether any modifications to the Agreement are necessary in light of changed circumstances or unanticipated impact (or lack of impact) of the Agreement’s requirements. This assessment also shall address areas of greatest achievement and the requirements that appear to have contributed to this success, as well as areas of greatest concern, including strategies for accelerating full and effective compliance. Based upon this comprehensive assessment, DOJ may recommend modifications to the Agreement that are necessary to achieve and sustain intended outcomes. Where the City agrees with DOJ’s recommendations, the Parties shall stipulate to modify the Agreement accordingly. Nothing in this assessment shall empower DOJ to unilaterally modify the terms of this Agreement.

We are interested in input from stakeholders like you as we proceed with our assessment. If you are interested in providing us input, please provide responses to the following questions by a reply to this email:

  • Do you believe the outcomes (or some of the outcomes) intended by the Agreement have been achieved?
  • If not, what changes, if any, to the Agreement do you believe are necessary to achieve the intended outcomes?
  • What steps do believe should be taken in order for the City to achieve substantial compliance?

If you have input, please reply by November 7, 2016.



Jaclyn M. Weiner
Contract Community Outreach Specialist
Civil Rights Division – Special Litigation Section
U.S. Department of Justice
D: 202-307-6913