Reese gives cops reading assignment: 77-page settlement agreement

PPB CruiserThe Oregonian, Sept. 26, 2013

Every member of the Portland Police Bureau, both sworn officers and civilian employees, must sign a statement that they have read and understand the settlement agreement the city reached with the U.S. Department of Justice that calls for reforms to Portland police policies, training and oversight.

The agreement requires the signatures from each member of the Police Bureau, within 90 days of the judge’s Aug. 29 approval.

That means the signatures would have to be obtained by Nov. 29, but Police Chief Mike Reese has set an Oct. 29 deadline.

“Take the time to read the entire 77 page document to gain a basic understanding of the areas of focus for the DOJ with regards to the Bureau and its operations,” police Capt. Mike Marshman wrote to bureau employees. “Additionally, review the vast amount of data points that are and will continue to be generated by PPB that the DOJ intends to review to determine whether the Bureau is in substantial compliance with the Agreement.”  Continue reading at