Recent numbers for the Mental Health Association of Portland

Updated April, 2018

A routine question for the Mental Health Association of Portland is, ‘how many members do you have?’

The sub-text of the question is, ‘how many troublesome persons can you summon to pester my agency (or bureaucracy)’ or, ‘if I join you, are there associated persons I will be socially at ease with?’ Or, ‘is the MHAP a credible organization in side-by-side comparison with other organizations?’

These subtexts misunderstand the purpose – and ability – of an independent or impartial advocacy organization.

The Mental Health Association of Portland does not have members. Membership implies dues and some ability to affirm policies or elect board directors. The MHAP does not solicit dues and it’s policies and direction is set.

The Mental Health Association of Portland is not a social organization. We host events and have rare opportunities for supporters to volunteer or directly engage with each other. If this is what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other organizations to find it.

We do, however, have supporters. We measure these by engagement with a variety of online and social media tools.

  • MHAP web site – 6000+ unique visitors per day, mostly from Oregon
  • Facebook – 4000+ followers.
  • Email distribution list – 90,000 nationwide, 10,000 in Oregon.
  • Media interview requests – 100+ in CY 2017
  • Presentation requests – 100+ in CY 2017
  • Event attendees – 1000+ in CY 2017
  • Advocacy conversations – 500+ in CY 2017

What we do is highly targeted advocacy, typically one-on-one, with policy-makers and system navigators. At all times we try to give people in recovery from mental illness and addiction opportunities to speak up and speak out.