Potter wants crisis training for Portland police right away

from KGW.com

Mayor Tom Potter has proposed crisis intervention training for all Portland police patrol officers to help police handle confrontations with the mentally ill.

Potter has asked the Portland City Council to allocate $250,000 to immediately provide patrol officers with 40 hours of crisis intervention training.

Mental health advocates have called for increased CIT training for all officers in the wake of James Chasse’s death. Chasse, who was mentally ill, died in police custody last month.

“Increasingly, our public safety officers are the first responders for people on the street with mental health issues,” Potter said. “Any additional training we can provide them is worth the investment for our community.”

The money would come from a pool of more than $18 million in unanticipated revenue which is the result of Portland’s improving economy, according to the mayor’s office.

At the end of next month, the council will vote on how to allocate those funds.