Posters Calling Officers Killers Pop Up In Portland


Some say it is free speech. Others say it goes too far. We’re talking about posters showing pictures of the officers involved in the James Chasse case, posters that call the officers killers.

Chasse is the Portland man who died in police custody after a violent struggle with three officers in the Pearl District last month.

A grand jury last week cleared the officers involved of wrong doing. That after eye witnesses complained of how Chasse was tackled and the blows he took to the head and chest.

One poster baring the images of the officers calls them killers and pigs. Another reads stop me before I kill again.

The signs were found in North and Northeast Portland and public reaction is mixed.

Some said it is freedom of speech while others say it doesn’t solve anything, it only makes things worse.

Chasse died of blunt force trauma to the chest. He had sixteen broken ribs and a pierced lung.

Chief Rosie Sizer was unavailable for comment Thursday.

While the grand jury did clear the officers there is still a fair amount of outrage over the incident.