Post-settlement Chasse documents, part I

Twenty-two new documents were released to the media on August 8, 2010 from discovery for Chasse v Humphreys et al, settled by the City of Portland for $1.6 million dollars on about July 28. More will be released soon.

The 22 documents are listed below. Each are non-searchable PDF documents.

Portland Police Training Division’s Review of James P. Chasse Jr.’s death in custody, no date

Police training material on Foot Pursuits at the time of Chasse’s death in September 2006, no date

Then-Transit Division Commander Donna Henderson’s analysis of Christopher Humphreys & Kyle Nice’s actions against James Chasse, August 28, 2008

Then-Assistant Chief Lynnae Berg’s recommendation of discipline for Christopher Humphreys, September 15, 2008

Officer Christopher Humphreys’ personal statement to the police Use of Force Review Board, no date

Officer Christopher Humphreys’ discipline letter, February 2, 2010

Sgt. Kyle Nice’s discipline letter, February 2, 2010

Depositions of civilians who witnessed police struggle with James P. Chasse Jr. and take him into custody on Sept. 17, 2006

Elizabeth Anderson – eyewitness
Jesse Barber – eyewitness
Barry Benard – eyewitness
Tony Carter – eyewitness
Constance Doolan – eyewitness
Melissa Gaylord – eyewitness
Mark Ginsberg – eyewitness
Erin Glanz – eyewitness
David Lillegaard – eyewitness
Diane Loghry – eyewitness
Jamie Marquez – eyewitness
Alireza Soltani – eyewitness
Randall Stuart – eyewitness
Mary Jean Wickemeier – eyewitness
Homer Williams – eyewitness

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