Portland Police Bureau: James Chasse Timeline

This timeline of events, a list of policy changes,and a press release was distributed to the media on September 23 2009 in lieu of a direct response to the request by the Mental Health Association of Portland for release of the internal investigation of what happened to James Chasse, made on September 17 2009.

This is the timeline of what happened to James Chasse, produced and distributed to the media by the Portland Police Bureau on September 23 2009.

9/17/2006 – Providence Hospital Medical Staff pronounces James Chasse deceased
9/17/2006 – Investigation begins and Bureau begins Officer Involved-In-Custody Death procedures as outlined in Directives
9/17/2006 – Multnomah County DDA assigned to the case
10/3/2006 – Grand Jury begins hearing evidence
10/17/2006 – Grand Jury unanimously votes against criminal charges
10/17/2006 – Police Bureau releases information regarding the investigation at News Conference and posts it on its website
11/13/2006 – Administrative review process begins (Internal Affairs and Training)
12/20/2006 – Administrative review process planning meeting (Internal Affairs and Training)
2/8/2007 – Civil lawsuit filed
5/22/2007-5/8/2008 – Internal Affairs Detectives interview all known witnesses (including ME, paramedics, witness and officers involved)
11/14/2007 – Internal Affairs Detective interviews Sgt. Nice
12/11/2007 – Internal Affairs Detective interviews Officer Humphreys
12/12/2007 – Notice of Deposition by Plaintiff’s attorney
1/8/2008 – Officer Humphreys Deposition (First Deposition taken in case)
1/9/2008 – Officer Burton Deposition
1/10/2008 – Sgt. Nice Deposition
5/8/2008 – Internal Affairs Detective interviews Officer Burton (delay per Multnomah County Counsel’s Office)
7/30/2008 – Administrative review process complete (Internal Affairs and Training)
9/5/2008 – Command level review complete
10/1/2008-10/2/2008 – Use of Force Review Board reviews the case
10/11/2008 – Use of Force Review Board provides recommendations to Chief Sizer
10/29/2008 – Plaintiff’s attorney in lawsuit releases video with enhanced audio of officer involved. Chief Sizer issues statement and asks for the District Attorney to review
5/5/2009 – DA Schrunk declines to prosecute the case regarding enhanced video
5/13/2009 – Administrative process begins for enhanced video and allegations of untruthfulness
5/20/2009 – Last deposition in lawsuit conducted (more than 100 depositions in this case)
6/20/2009 – Administrative investigation complete—allegations of untruthfulness is found to be “unproven”
8/12/2009 – Command level review complete
9/16/2009 – Use of Force Review Board reconvenes
9/23/2009 – Chief Sizer releases information regarding Use of Force and Review Board’s findings and allegations of untruthfulness

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