Portland Homeless Facility Feasibility Study

Eds. Note – this private plan for resolving homelessness was rejected by the Portland Housing Bureau in October 2016.

READ – Portland Homeless Facility Feasibility Study (PDF)

I am very pleased to send you a copy of the “Portland Homeless Facility Feasibility Study,” a part of the work supported by your generous contribution of funding, time and service for the work of the Oregon Harbor of Hope.  This study complements the business plan for the temporary shelter at Terminal 1, which is available at www.oregonharborofhope.org

We intend to continue our efforts to forge a private/public sector initiative which will fully meet the gap in services to the chronically-homeless, provide shelter for those on the streets and provide a transition to housing and employment.

Your continued involvement is needed.  Your ideas are welcome.  Your guidance is needed.

Thank you again.

Homer G. Williams
Direct: 503-227-1441
homer @ wddcorp.com