Oregon’s largest Coordinated Care Organization ready for launch

From the Portland Business Journal, September 1, 2012

The state’s largest Coordinated Care Organization will officially launch its services Saturday.

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Health Share of Oregon, formerly known as the Tri-County Medicaid Collaborative, is set to begin providing treatment to Medicaid patients covered by the Oregon Health Plan.

Health Share of Oregon includes Adventist Health, CareOregon, Central City Concern, Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health, Oregon Health & Science University, Providence Health & Services and Tuality Healthcare under a single umbrella organization for OHP services.

CCOs offer wide-ranging care, on a continuum of treatment plans, to Medicaid patients. The state won a $1.9 billion grant to demonstrate to federal officials that the program could save billions in future medical costs.

Health Share is one of four groups that’ll kick off its CCO services Sept. 1. Among them, Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization LLC will serve several coastal counties while the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization will provide services on the east side of the Cascades.

Eight CCOs, including Trillium Community Health Plan in Lane County and FamilyCare Inc. in Portland began offering their services on Aug. 1.

The CCOs will eventually be accountable for health outcomes of their patient population. According to a primer issued by Health Share, they will operate from one budget that grows at a fixed rate for mental, physical and ultimately dental care.

The CCO treatments themselves will be offered by provider teams that work “through common interventions, health home development and shared electronic health records.”

Dr. George Brown, the CEO of Legacy Health who’s leading the Health Share efforts, said providers are raring to go. Medicaid recipients may not notice any immediate changes in terms of billing or back-office systems, he said.

The health plans and providers are determining ways that CCOs can at first address treatments for patients with serious and chronic conditions.

“Those efforts are centered on, how do we keep people healthier, educate them in terms of how they participate in their own health care,” Brown said. “The significant different with (CCOs) is that there’s a level of accountability, and that’s precedent-setting.”

Brown acknowledged that his Health Share duties have become a second full-time job.

“These are great organizations working for the greater good,” he said. “Sometimes, the goals of the organizations aren’t in complete alignment, and this is a grand experiment where there are risks involved. We don’t have all the answers, and this is new. But we’re doing the right thing, and we’ll continue to do so until we’re successful.”

Tri-County Medicaid Collaborative Names Board of Directors

Posted on August 2, 2012

Tri-County Medicaid Collaborative (TCMC), which received certification from the Oregon Health Authority on July 31, 2012, has seated its entire voluntary board of directors as of August 1.

TCMC, which is the state’s largest Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) and serves Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties, has a broadly scoped board. In addition to the 11 founding members, nine additional clinical and community representatives joined the board today.

“Our goal is to enhance the health care experience for all members, improve health outcomes for individuals and the community, and spend health care funding wisely,” says Dr. George Brown, TCMC’s board chair. “By involving local caregivers and community members, transformation will be grounded in community goals.”

Board members of Health Share of Oregon include:
Mel Rader – Co-Executive Director, Upstream Public Health
Ramsey Weit – Executive Director, Community Housing Fund

Chair of Community Advisory Council:
Stephen Weiss – Chair of the Elders in Action Commission of Multnomah County, Current Board President of Independent Living Resources, the Community Alliance of Tenants, and the Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens

Dentist – Michael Biermann, DMD – Pediatric Dentist, Owner, Co-Chair, Oregon Head Start Dental Home Project
Mental Health Provider – Mary Monnat – President and CEO, LifeWorks NW
Addictions Provider – Jacqueline Mercer – CEO, Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, Inc.
RN/NP – Jean-Claude Provost – Lead Clinician/Family Nurse Practitioner, Housecall Providers, Inc., Chair-Elect, Nurse Practitioners of Oregon
Primary Care Physician – Jill Ginsberg, MD – Retired, Northwest Permanente, Founding Board Member, North by Northeast Community Health Center
Specialty Care Physician – Walter Hoffman – Member, Past President, Practicing OB/GYN, Women’s HealthCare Associates, LLC

In addition, the founding members include:
George J. Brown, MD, FACP, Chair, Legacy Health
Cindy Becker, Clackamas County Health , Housing & Human Services
Ed Blackburn, Central City Concern
Rod Branyan, Washington County Dept. of Health & Human Services
David E. Ford, CareOregon
Andrew R. McCulloch, Kaiser Permanente
Joseph E. Robertson, Jr., MD, OHSU
Thomas Russell, Adventist Medical Center
Lillian Shirley, Multnomah County Health Department
Dick Stenson, Tuality Healthcare
Greg Van Pelt, Providence Health & Systems

Interim Health Share leadership team

Interim Executive Director: Janet Meyer janet@tricountycollaborative.org, (503) 416-1798

Janet Meyer has been the Chief Operating Officer of the Tuality Health Alliance since 2006. Prior to joining Tuality, she worked in the managed care industry for twenty years in Colorado and Oregon. Janet is currently the Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Tri-County Medicaid Collaborative, whose mission is to be an integrated community delivery system that achieves better care, better health, and lower costs for the Medicaid population and the Tri-County Community.

Janet earned her M.H.A. from The University of Michigan in 1989 after completing her B.S. in Public Administration at The University of Oregon. Janet is currently active on numerous State and Community Workgroups and is on the Board of Directors for Centro Cultural.

Interim Medical Officer: David Labby, MD david@tricountycollaborative.org, (503) 416-1425
Interim Operations Director: Jon Hersen jon@tricountycollaborative.org, (503) 416-1753
Interim Information Systems Director: Daniel Dean daniel@tricountycollaborative.org, (503) 416-8063
Interim Health Strategy Director: Rosa Klein rosa@tricountycollaborative.org, (503) 416-1761
Interim Director of Government Relations & Public Policy: Erin Fair erin@tricountycollaborative.org, (503)416-1797
Interim Communications Manager: Jeanie Lunsford jeanie@tricountycollaborative.org, (503) 416-3626

Alpesh Parikh, Senior IT Business Analyst, alpesh@tricountycollaborative.org
Alyssa Craigie, Interim Project Director, alyssa@tricountycollaborative.org
Dina Kalmeta, Administrative Assistant, dina@tricountycollaborative.org
Jacob Figas, Community Engagement Program Coordinator, jacob@tricountycollaborative.org

Office Manager/Operations
Kathy Schuler, IT Project Manager, kathy@tricountycollaborative.org
Merrin Permut, Interim Project Director, merrin@tricountycollaborative.org
Sandra Clark, Project Director for Community Health Strategies, sandra@tricountycollaborative.org