Oregon State Hospital Replacement: Community Project

The Oregon Arts Commission is pleased to announce a new opportunity for public artists.

Oregon State Hospital Replacement: Community Project

READ – Full project details and application requirements (PDF)

The Oregon Arts Commission (“Commission”) is seeking artists interested in creating site-specific works of art that involve the patient community for the Oregon State Hospital Replacement Project. The Oregon State Hospital, which is a part of the Department of Human Services, is a significant, state-of-the-art healing facility located in Salem, Oregon.

For more than 120 years the Oregon State Hospital has been Oregon’s primary mental health facility. Located on a vast 144 acre campus, the current facility has approximately 60 buildings built from 1883 to the mid-1950s. It is notable as the location for the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

As indicated, this invitation to artists is only for an artistic project which involves the patient community (referred to as “consumers of mental health services” or “consumers”) as significant collaborators. The artist may involve the patient community in the content, the making, or the ongoing evolution of the work. The commissioned project should add to the vibrant healing environment of the hospital and reflect the diversity of the consumers and staff. Interested artists should note that, due to the nature of this facility, there will be significant concerns for durability of materials and patient/staff safety. An artist’s past experience working with diverse communities will be carefully considered. The artwork must be durable, unbreakable, touchable when possible, and considerate of the specific needs of the consumers in the portion of the new hospital facility the work will be located.

Budget: The total budget for artwork for this project exceeds $1.3 million. This budget will be divided between multiple contracts. Applicants must indicate a minimum budget requirement for consideration in a cover letter to application materials.

Deadline: Complete applications must be received in the Oregon Arts Commission office no later than 5pm Friday, September 4, 2009.

Note: While referred to as an RFP, requirements to apply do not include a specific design proposal.

Meagan Atiyeh
Visual Arts Coordinator

Sabina Samiee
Public Art Assistant

Oregon Arts Commission
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