Oregon Law Enforcement Shootings – 2020

Below are a list of all persons shot and killed, shot and wounded, shot at and not killed, and killed by a conducted electrical weapon (CEW), also known as a Taser, in Oregon, in 2020, by state certified law enforcement.

No officers received discipline for any of these incidents from their employers. No county district attorneys filed charges. No officer was disciplined for any of these incidents by the state training and certification agency. As of February 5, 2021 we know of no lawsuits filed by a private attorney on behalf of any of these persons or their survivors.

Andre Gladen

Andre Gladen

The numbers for 2020 match prior recent years – they are average. Nine persons are of unknown race because no mention of race was made by the media, the family on social media, or by police; we assume these as white but list as unknown. Two people suicided while police guns were drawn on them. One, William Bluestone, after shooting himself was shot by police. We suspect more alcohol, more drugs, and more domestic violence would be listed in the clinical profiles with more research. Many – most – of the shootings involved a gun being pointed at or displayed toward police.

This list does not include shootings in crowd control situations, which could increase this list by a factor of ten or more. Though the Portland Police Bureau has received community criticism for police shootings in prior years, in 2020 there were just two shootings, both without wounding. No person of color has been shot and killed by Portland police since January 2019, when Andre Gladen, a Black and sight-disabled man with schizophrenia in a mental health crisis was shot and killed by PPB officer Consider Vosu.

The information below comes from public records, but culled from several sources and not available elsewhere online. If you know how we can make this list more accurate, let us know by posting below.

Click on the names below to see the most comprehensive media story available about the incident. 

Sex Race Outcome Weapon Clinical Profile
33 male Native American – 2 CEW – death – 1 Had a weapon of some sort – 29 Drugs – 5
2 female Mixed – 2 DIC – 1 No weapon – 4 Alcohol – 6
Unknown – 9 Shot & killed – 16 Unknown – 2 Suspected drugs – 1
Hispanic – 2 Shot & wounded – 11 Domestic violence – 2
White – 21 Shot at & not hit – 4 Mental health crisis – 4
Suicided – 2 Mental illness – 2
Unknown – 15


Stanley Hayes 1/1/2020 69 unknown male Hillsboro PD shot & killed gun mental illness
Teddy Varner 1/1/20 29 white male Jackson CSO shot & killed gun alcohol
William Bluestone 2/14/20 21 NA male Silverton PD suicided gun unknown
Stacy Clark 2/24/20 45 unknown male Umatilla CSO & Milton-Freewater PD shot & wounded gun unknown
Danielle Bower 3/9/20 29 white female Bend PD shot & wounded no alcohol
Chase Brooks 3/14/20 32 white male Springfield PD shot & killed tire iron mental health crisis
William Floyd 3/26/20 51 white male OSP shot & killed gun alcohol
David Xanatos 4/2/20 40 white male Lincoln City PD shot & killed knife unknown
Matthew Goff 4/10/20 NA white male Klamath CSO & OSP shot & killed gun alcohol
Timothy Barker 4/11/2020 NA white male CCSO shot & killed gun alcohol
Scott Gardner 4/13/20 53 white male Eugene PD shot & wounded gun alcohol
Alexander Jiminez 4/17/20 34 mixed race male Warrenton PD DIC no drugs
Macklin Kalama 5/3/20 43 NA male Warm Springs shot & wounded gun unknown
Grayson Morris 5/14/20 26 white male OSP shot & wounded gun unknown
Anthony Whitehead 5/29/2020 26 unknown male WCSO shot & killed knife unknown
Israel Berry 6/2/2020 49 white male Gresham PD shot & killed no unknown
Gray Stockton 6/28/2020 28 white male PPB shot at – not hit no unknown
Doug Diamond 7/16/2020 56 white male Sandy PD shot & killed gun mental health crisis
Terril Boss 7/21/20 35 white male Jackson CSO shot & wounded gun drugs
Robert Woodside 8/9/20 51 white male Milwaukie PD shot & wounded knife suspected drugs
Abe McCarthy 9/5/20 30 white male Oregon City PD shot at – not hit vehicle unknown
Terry Dickson 9/12/20 NA white male Lakeview CSO shot & killed gun mental illness
Jonny James 9/16/20 29 white male Grants Pass PD shot & wounded tool mental health crisis
Joseph Jacobs 9/16/2020 NA unknown male Gresham PD shot & wounded gun unknown
Breck Carter 9/27/2020 39 white male WSCO shot at – not hit gun unknown
Jose Lopez-Tinoco 9/28/20 34 Hispanic male Marion CSO shot/suicided gun domestic violence
James Marshall 10/8/2020 44 white male Forest Grove PD CEW – death flag pole drugs
Rodolfo Martinez-Cortez 10/29/20 39 Hispanic male Salem PD shot & killed gun drugs
John Dehoney 11/27/2020 NA unknown male CCSO shot & killed unknown unknown
Muhsin Sharif 11/30/20 26 mixed race male Eugene PD shot & wounded knife domestic violence
Donald Guest 12/7/20 56 unknown male Grants Pass PD & OSP (7 total) shot & killed gun mental health crisis
Jonathan Crowley 12/7/2020 30 unknown male US Marshal shot & wounded vehicle unknown
Brad Masters 12/8/20 27 white male Linn CSO & OSP (4 total) shot & killed yes – BB gun drugs
David Dahlen 12/24/20 24 white male PPB shot at – not hit vehicle unknown
Alaina Burns 12/28/20 31 unknown female Clatsop CSO shot & killed gun unknown