ODHS plans to revoke facility’s certificate

The East Oregonian – November 22, 2008. Not available online.

The Oregon Department of Human Services-Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH) on Tuesday notified the Pendleton Academies’ board of directors of their intention to revoke the treatment facility’s certificate of approval to operate as a provider of psychiatric residential treatment services and psychiatric day treatment services for children.

On Aug. 20, AMH placed conditions on Pendleton Academies’ certificate of approval to operate. At that time, the board appointed Interim Executive Director Terry Edvalson, who has been working with Pendleton Academies’ staff to meet the standards required by AMH. Since then, Pendleton Academies has continued to care for clients, but has not been permitted to admit new clients to the program.

As recently as late October, AMH indicated they would lift the restrictions on Pendleton Academies and allow the admission of new clients, according to a statement released by the Pendleton Academies board Tuesday afternoon.

Given Pendleton Academies’ efforts and progress in meeting AMH requirements, said the news release, Edvalson and the board were surprised by AMH’s most recent action, the statement said.

The board plans to investigate its appeal rights and will be meeting again this Friday when more information is available, according to the statement.