Nevada did bus psychiatric hospital patients to Oregon

As we surmised, clinical staff from Rawson-Neal Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada bussed persons with mental illness to Oregon.

According to records collected by the Sacramento Bee, 33 patients of Rawson-Neal were sent by bus to Oregon, 22 to Portland. According to testimony from some of these people taken by reporters in San Francisco and Sacramento, those former patients Rawson-Neal did not have a discharge plan, friends or family. They were left, homeless, on the streets, bewildered and abandoned by those paid to protect them, in dozens of cities, large and small, all over the nation.

On September 16, the Mental Health Association of Portland sent a letter to Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenbaum asking her to investigate if persons were bussed to Oregon (we now know 33 were), and to join San Francisco District Attorney Dennis Herrera to file for damages against Nevada. She has not responded.

For the full story, pick up a copy of the September 27 Street Roots from a friendly vendor. (No, it’s not online. They make money by NOT putting their content immediately online – a successful business model, BTW.)

Oregon – 33 people were given one-way bus tickets to Oregon by Rawson-Neal Hospital in Las Vegas.
Portland – 20 people
Hood River – 1 person
Stanfield – 1 person
Newport – 1 person
Salem – 2 people
Eugene 2 people
Roseburg – 1 person
Grants Pass – 1 person
White City – 1 person
Medford – 2 people