Names chalked outside the Justice Center

The following names were chalked onto the sidewalk outside the Portland Police Bureau’s Central Precinct and the Multnomah County Justice Center on September 16 2007

Andrew “A.J.” Hanlon, shot July 30, 2008, by a Silverton police officer after a confrontation on a residential street corner.

Glenn Shipman, died Aug. 26, 2007, three days after Scappoose police used a Taser on him. Authorities said he suffocated while being held in a restraint position by hospital staff. The medical examiner said the Taser did not contribute to his death.

James P. Chasse Jr., died in the custody of Portland police on Sept. 17, 2006.

Lukus Glenn, shot Sept. 16, 2006, by Washington County sheriff’s deputies after he failed to drop a knife and then turned to go into his house.

Fouad Kaady, shot Sept. 8, 2005, by a Sandy police officer and a Clackamas County sheriff’s deputy after a confrontation in which he failed to respond to commands or shocks from a stun gun.

Joyce Staudenmaier, shot Sept. 3, 2004, by a Clackamas County sheriff’s sergeant when she charged police with a knife.

James Jahar Perez, shot March 28, 2004, by Portland police as he sat in his car during a traffic stop. The officer said he thought Perez was pulling a weapon out of his pocket. He was unarmed.

Kendra James, shot May 5, 2003, by a Portland police officer when she tried to drive away from a traffic stop. Raymond Youngberg Jr., shot on July 9, 2001, by Portland police after he fired a revolver at officers who were trying to question him.

Jose Santis Mejia Poot, shot April 1, 2001, by Portland police at a mental health treatment center when he advanced toward officers with a metal rod he had ripped from a door.

Patricia Sweany, shot Dec. 14, 1996, by a Portland police officer after she pulled a gun and shot at a paramedic who was trying to help her.

Janet Smith, shot Aug. 22, 1994, by Gresham police when she came at them holding a large knife.

Dickie Dow, who died of asphyxiation as Portland police struggled with him on October 20, 1998.