Miscellaneous Documents

The general mission of this web site is to capture the history of persons with mental illness and addiction in Oregon. In general this exists in newspaper articles, associated photographs, films, videos, and image files, and documents of various sorts.

Here’s a pile of miscellaneous documents which have arrived over the past year. As you can see they’re a bit of a jumble. We’re always looking for volunteer archivists and librarians. Drop us a line if you’re keen to sort out these documents.

Psychiatric Security Review Board Conditional Release Guide Excellent 138 page PDF, overview of the agency, it’s county contacts, administration and rules.


Oregon CIT Newsletter Fall 2016 – GOBHI

Oregon CIT Newsletter Summer 2016 – GOBHI

OHP Mental Health Organization Agreement KEY PERSONNEL, January 2011

Directory of Oregon MR/DD agencies and staff, 2013

Outreach poster for services, CAHOOTS in Springfield, Spring 2017

Press release for new services, CAHOOTS in Springfield, Spring 2017

HealthShare Advisory council Unity talk 3042016 – a promotional slideshow for Unity, created in early 2017.

Tri-County Opioid Safety Coalition Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties – Coordinating Committee March 2017 Meeting Summary and Subsequent Updates

Emergency Department Boarding of Psychiatric Patients in Oregon – BRIEF REPORT, Oregon Health Authority, February 2017

Emergency Department Boarding of Psychiatric Patients in Oregon – FULL REPORT, Oregon Health Authority, February 2017

The Oregon Court of Appeals and the State Civil Commitment Statute, Joseph D. Bloom, MD, Juliet Britton, JD, and Wil Berry, MD – 2017

Behavioral Health Unit Advisory Committee’s Need to comply with the Oregon
Public Meeting Law
, letter from Disability Rights Oregon to Portland Police Bureau, 2015

Multnomah County v. Purdue Pharma, initial complaint, Summer 2017

Clark County District Court – Therapeutic Specialty Courts, 2015 Year End Summary Report

Judicial Conference Presentation re OSH and the Aid and Assist population, OHA 2017

Mayor’s Mental Health / Public Safety Initiative – Action Plan, January 2007. This is a key outcome from the death of James Chasse in September 2006. Mayor Tom Potter brought together a group of community members to discuss, and this “action plan” was the result.

Mayor’s Mental Health / Public Safety Initiative – Work Group minutes, December 28, 2006

Letter to Mayor Tom Potter, from board members of the Mental Health Association of Portland about the death of James Chasse, October 2006. This is the message which launched the Chasse campaign.

Criminal Activity and Substance Abuse Study
– Central City Concern : Mentor and ADFC Housing Programs. Heidi Herinckx, Regional Research Institute, January 2008

LISA FEEHELY, for the ESTATE OF CHRISTOPHER PATRICK CRAWFORD v. OREGON HEALTH AUTHORITY; SHERIE CHANEY – complaint of a death at the Oregon State Hospital, 12 2015

EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN – Oregon State Hospital, 2015

Letter from the US DOJ to Portland Mayor Sam Adams, September 2012. This is the “findings” letter which describes the results of the “pattern and practice” investigation, finding the Portland Police Bureau overused force against people with mental illness.