Mental Health Groups Request Resignations In Chasse Case

From, October, 5 2009

A half-dozen mental health organizations from around Oregon are coming together to press three Portland police officers to resign over the James Chasse case.

Officers Kyle Nice, Christopher Humphreys and Bret Burton arrested Chasse three years ago, in a struggle that either fractured or broke 26 of his bones and killed him.

Chasse suffered from schizophrenia and ran when the officers tried to talk to him.

Jason Renaud with the Mental Health Association of Portland says his group waited patiently for an internal investigation to punish the officers.

Jason Renaud: “I had naïve confidence that our civil service system could find a way to do the right thing here. But they were not able to do that so we’ve got to do this ourselves and ask for the resignations with our own words.”

Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer, has recommended that one officer be suspended. She hasn’t said for how long.

The Portland Police Union has said that it’s pleased the investigation found the officers generally acted in line with bureau policy.

The Portland City Auditor is hiring an expert to look into why the internal investigation took three years to complete.