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Since September of 2006 the Mental Health Association of Portland has brought the community’s attention to the death and life of James Chasse.

This long effort is culminating in the production of a much-anticipated documentary film, Alien Boy: the Death and Life of James Chasse.

The film is beginning post-production NOW and is expected to be ready for festival release in the late Spring.

You can show your support and help get this film made by making a contribution through Kickstarter. Click through to see the film’s teaser – and a short interview with the film’s director Brian Lindstrom.

Over 40 people have made pledges in just the past 2 days – getting us over 20% of the way to our goal.

Many thanks to Eve Celsi, Steve Hohenboken, Morgan Miller, Amy K Schoppert, MK Bretsch, Katie Burnett, Harold Metzger, Cherie Blackfeather, Carrie Padian, Marie Lee, Terry Perrel, Anya Lewin, Julie Greicius, Sari Botton, Moss Drake, Elissa Wald, Lawrence Johnson, Andy Brown, George Johnson, Enie Vaisburd, Rosalee Rester, Ellen Vincent, Greg Netzer, Jane O’Keeffe, Crystal Shade, Greg Spies, Morgan Grether, Linda Austin, Chris O’Connor, Gena Hayes O’Flaherty, Nora McNamara, Karen Uhlmann, Lidia Yuknavitch, Nick Bruno, Richard Blakeslee, Anne Stark, Randall Payton, Amanda, Keri Miller, mmmwww, Wanda Boe, Frayn Masters, Kris Swanson, Laura Moulton, Misti Clinton Boone, and Kristine Laguzza.

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