Loren Charles Brown – candidate for mayor of Portland

Question: In your future office, what powers will you use to effect positive changes in mental health services? What changes will you pursue?

I believe that the mental health system has to step it up and not let down their people. I understand the frustrating economy has taken on people, and sometimes the system has to close down, or shut their doors and not help people.

We as Americans have to get better. I plan on making sure NO one is with out help. Too many people are passed thru the system and don t get the right help they (patients of mental illness) and I plan on being very involved in the mental illness profession where everyone is being helped even after they leave the facility.

I feel we have become a society of not caring and only caring about self. I know there are some people who want to help and their hands are tied. The government has failed us immensely and we need to get better, and help those in need instead of only caring for self.

As for changes–major changes will occur where I will have monthly meetings to visiting the centers & being part of the patients getting better, includes the staff members,nurses and doctors to help people feel safe and are treated like human beings, not a number or a case number. People matter…and once elected you will see how involved I plan on being as PDX Mayor, and cleaning house like no tomorrow.

Mental health is one of my biggest concerns which have been failed too many people. I will also ask my friend Dr. Oz and Chef Jamie (from England) to come help the mental health services alongside of me, as diet is a huge factor over pills.. pills and more pills.

Question: Homelessness has increased statewide despite millions of dollars spent on providing housing. Why? What would I do to end homelessness?

Actually.. my main goal is to see no more homeless on the street of Portland, Oregon. I see to many people sleeping on the streets and there is no reason for this–in America ( land of dreams and people can make a difference).

I don’t think the $$$ is being spent right as why are people still on the streets of Portland and worldwide. It seems only in America do we let our people rot and live on the streets. The government has failed us, and even local officials have only cared about their paycheck and walking by someone sleeping on the streets. Really people? Let’s get better and help me clean up streets where no one has to live without a home.

I will ask my fellow Portlanders to take a person, a family in and help people get on their feet, instead of just walking by and treating them like a freak show, or something must be wrong with them. I challenge people to live on the streets and see how they would feel.

I will also be speaking to investors to build more housing, or take an abandoned house, or building and make it feel like someone has a home, instead of the sidewalk, in front of someone’s business, or under the bridge.

I plan on CLEANING UP the STREETS of PDX (Portland) like no tomorrow. Follow and join me and let’s make Portland a better place to live with no one living on the streets.

If you like to meet and greet me and see my vision, please email me at voice4pdxpeople@live.com and check out my website www.voice4pdxpeople.com also check me out on the city hall’s website of mayoral candidates and see my web page there also–including my background.

Go in peace and God Bless all of you and lets make a “difference” together.

Loren Charles Brown
Candidate for PDX Mayor 2012

On January 27 the Mental Health Association of Portland sent questions to all Oregon political canidates. This is one response. This post is not a political endorsement but an opportunity to speak out about mental illness. Minor changes may have been made to the text for clarity.