Leader names for Dammasch: Psychologist tackles certification issues

From The Oregonian – October 23, 1987. Not available elsewhere online.

Stanley F. Mazur-Hart was named Thursday to be the new superintendent of the Dammasch State Hospital.

Mazur-Hart, 41, has been acting superintendent of the Oregon State Hospital since May. He will take his new position Nov. 23, replacing Dr. Victor M. Holm, 58, who announced Monday he would retire.

The new superintendent holds a doctorate from the University of Nebraska and is a licensed psychologist. He is a member and past chairman of the Oregon State Board of Psychologist Examiners.

In a prepared statement, Kevin Concannon, director of the Human Resources Department, said Mazur-Hart was an “outstanding professional” who would make a “fresh and welcome contribution.”

Dammasch State Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville, serves more than 2,000 patients a year and has an operating budget of $29.4 million for the 1987-89 biennium.

Mazur-Hart met Thursday afternoon with about 60 staff members at Dammasch , and their questions indicated their frustrations and concerns. Issues of patient safety, overcrowding, understaffing and lack of vacations cropped up during the half-hour session.

On Thursday, there were 371 patients at the hospital, which was 41 more patients than the budget provides for and too many for the staff to handle, Mazur-Hart said. He said he wasn’t sure the hospital could provide a doctor for each ward at all times.

The staff-to-patient ratio is about 3-to-4, Mazur-Hart said. To comply with federal guidelines, he said the hospital would need six staff members for every five patients.

Mazur-Hart had applied to be superintendent of the Oregon State Hospital, a position to be announced Friday. Instead, he was selected for the Dammasch job.

In his new position, he will earn $52,848.