Last Public Meeting for Hawthorne Asylum Memorial is Today

The last public meeting co-hosted by Metro and the Mental Health Association of Portland about the creation of a memorial for the patients of the Hawthorne Asylum and a remembrance of the good works of Dr. James C Hawthorne is TODAY.

Public Meeting Today October 10
2:30 PM
Central City Concern
Richard Harris Community – 8 NW Eight Avenue, Portland
8 NW 8th Avenue, downtown. See a MAP.
Public transportation: Bus 20 Burnside / Stark

For over one hundred years Lone Fir Cemetery has been the resting place for hundreds of patients of the Hawthorne Asylum. These graves are mostly unmarked, relatively unknown, and until recently were rudely covered with an access road, a county building and a parking lot. Metro intends to do something about this – and wants the input of people interested in the welfare of those with mental illness before proceeding.

EXTRA – The Lone Fir Cemetery and the Asylum Patients of Dr. James C. Hawthorne – PDF
EXTRA – Lone Fir Cemetery and the Asylum Patients of Dr. James Hawthorne
EXTRA – Oregon State Hospital Patient Remains

Can’t make it? You can still participate and help by taking the ONLINE SURVEY. The survey will remain open until October 15.