Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign for Eyes & Ears Newsletter Begins

Clipart NewspaperEyes & Ears is the most widely circulated and consistently available publication in Oregon created by consumers of mental health services, and for consumers, their family members, and mental health professionals. Monthly, we bring you local and national news, resources and event listings, and individual stories of accomplishment and hope.

Today over 4000 persons get Eyes & Ears by download and email. But there are thousands of persons who would benefit from the newsletter who do not have internet access. We need to get them paper copies of Eyes & Ears.

Your support will help Eyes & Ears print and post paper copies, and provide important equipment upgrades for their volunteers. Your support is important because the readers of Eyes & Ears have no other consistently available publication made by people just like them.

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Eyes & Ears continues a tradition that began in 1983 when consumers of mental health services at the Phoenix Fellowship Center started the Phoenix Sun because they thought that consumers should be speaking for themselves in their own newsletter. Later, in 1988, Duane Haataja ran the newsletter group that put out the Sun; then I ran it for a few years; then Duane was Editor of the Renaissance Times, which became Eyes and Ears. So many years of history, and quality newsletters…

Please support Eyes & Ears in this fundraising campaign, as we continue to make history every day.