Campaign for Portland City Council – Joe Meyer

Joe Meyer, City Council Candidate

Joe Meyer, City Council Candidate

Humans are by nature compassionate beings. As a citizen of Portland, I want to walk down the street knowing that there is a well-lit path to help for anyone in need. As Portland Commissioner I will help light that path.

The first rule is to listen to the people most affected. As a concerned citizen and as a KBOO reporter I have slept out on City Hall sidewalks and camped at Occupy Portland. Even if elected, I will continue this practice and vow to sleep out at least one night a month.

Secondly, I will continually remind Portland that austerity is a lie. The incumbents are blowing a billion dollars on unneeded water works and untold millions on the criminal organization known as the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Once we take back control of City Hall, we will have plenty for everyone.

Finally, I will look at other cities for what works. I believe the solutions exist and only lack of compassion and misplaced priorities are preventing us from making progress.

For more information on my candidacy, please visit my website: or e-mail me at

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