Irishman shot in Oregon ‘was running away’

From The Guardian, July 6, 2008

A young unarmed Irishman – shot dead by American [Silverton, Oregon] police last week – was running barefoot and had stumbled before four to seven rounds were fired into his body, according to an eyewitness.

The family of Andrew Hanlon, 20, who had mental health problems, have been sent an audio recording by an anonymous woman who claims to have witnessed the fatal shooting last Monday.

Andrew’s sister, Melanie, and her husband, Nathan Heise, received the recording at their Oregon home on Friday.

The witness on the disc said she was related to the woman who had called the police after Andrew, apparently in a delusional and confused state, had banged on her door at around 11pm last Monday. She said her relative had called the police believing her home was being burgled and then called her husband who drove to the house with a friend.

The pair chased Andrew away, and then a policeman arrived on the scene and saw Andrew running down the street in his bare feet.

Andrew tripped and was trying to get up when the officer [Tony Gonzalez, pictured below] opened fire, she said.

Andrew’s brother-in-law, Nathan, who viewed his body with Andrew’s sister on Thursday, said there appeared to be seven strike wounds on the body.

Andrew’s family believe he had been on his way to his sister’s home when he got lost and was knocking on doors to ask for directions.

The family, originally from Dundrum in south Dublin, are passing the CD on to a lawyer and may be joining hundreds of other families across America taking action against police forces whose officers have shot dead mentally ill relatives.

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