Invitation to Speak – David Wu

Congressman David Wu

Congressman David Wu

Sent by letter March 7, 2011

Dear Congressman David Wu,

The friends and supporters of the Mental Health Association of Portland would appreciate an opportunity be your host at a public meeting at a time of your choosing to discuss current events in Oregon and nationwide; your work in Congress; and issues important to persons who have a diagnosis of mental illness or addiction.

The irresponsible media coverage of your personal health issues has given you a unique opportunity to speak out on mental health issues affecting some 60,000,000 million Americans each year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Your experience — as a person actively addressing his challenges; as a person who has experienced stigma and public discrimination; and as a person who has spoken out publicly and prominently about the normality of accepting medical and family support – are all very important messages for our friends and supporters to hear.

Our friends and supporters are persons with a diagnosis of mental illness, their family members and loved ones, and individuals who are concerned for the welfare of persons with a diagnosis of mental illness, such as clergy; public bureaucrats; hospital and clinic administrators; persons who work for the police bureau, jails or prisons; nurses, physicians, counselors; and persons who provide public housing.

Please consider this letter a standing offer to speak; however, we hope it can be arranged as soon as possible. We can work on short notice and understand the important constraints on your time.

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