In Memoriam: Jon Emerson

Jonathan Drew Emerson – 1944-2012

Jonathan Drew Emerson - 1944-2012

Jonathan Drew Emerson – 1944-2012

We celebrate a life lived in multiple chapters, one that touched many, and left an impression on on everyone.

Jon was born in 1944 in New York City, and lived at various times in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Menlo Park, California, and Portland, Oregon.

Filmmaker. Writer. Photographer. Social worker. Father. Brother. Husband. Friend. The list of words are many. Too many for one person to possibly describe.

That’s why this is just the start of Jon’s story. And we need your help to fill in the details. Let us know how Jon touched your life, where you crossed paths, and how his memory will always endure. Help us complete the story of a remarkable man.

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Jon loved public radio. For those wishing to express their sympathies with a gift, please donate to Oregon Public Broadcasting, or to the public radio station of your choice.

(We cite Jon on this web site for his long service to our community through counseling alcoholics and addicts, and for administrating alcohol and drug treatment programs.)

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