How to stop construction of the Oregon State Hospital @ Junction City

READ – Junction City hospital the worst way to treat mentally ill
CONTACT – Committee members of the capital construction subcommittee of the Joint Ways and Means Committee. See contact information below.
MESSAGE – Patients and professionals agree: funds are needed for community-based outpatient mental health services – not a new hospital. Don’t commit another generation to imprisonment for mental illness by funding another Oregon State Hospital at Junction City.

Funding for Junction City mental hospital project still in a fog – from the Eugene Register-Guard, February 21, 2012

As the monthlong 2012 legislative session enters the home stretch, the fate of continued construction funding for a proposed new state psychiatric hospital in Junction City remains unclear.

Lawmakers need to allocate $29 million in general fund-backed bonds to keep the project moving through next June and the 174-bed hospital on track to open in early 2015, according to project administrator Jodie Jones.

If lawmakers this session are to approve some or all of that allocation comes through, the effort would start in the capital construction subcommittee of the Joint Ways and Means Committee, which is the Legislature’s budgeting arm. That subcommittee has yet to meet.

Committee Membership:
Sen. David Nelson, Co-Chair – EMAIL
Rep. Bruce Hanna, Co-Chair – EMAIL
Rep. Arnie Roblan, Co-Chair – EMAIL
Rep. Nancy Nathanson, Co-Vice Chair – EMAIL
Rep. Greg Smith, Co-Vice Chair – EMAIL
Sen. Peter CourtneyEMAIL
Sen. Richard DevlinEMAIL