How to avoid the pitfalls of police liability – what you don’t know could hurt you.

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From the Lorman Company: How to avoid the pitfalls of police liability – what you don’t know could hurt you (PDF)

Allegations of police misconduct frequently make headline news throughout the United States. Civil rights lawsuits against police are common and are likely to increase as our diverse society places more and more emphasis on individual rights.

Attend this seminar and learn the skills you need to handle every police liability challenge you face. Don’t miss this timely opportunity to hear from local experts on the police liability issues you need to know – register now!

Benefits for You

  • Stay abreast of recent case law and trends in police liability
  • Explore civil liability issues resulting from using electronic control devices
  • Confidently navigate the interaction between law enforcement and persons with mental health issues
  • Hear about practical considerations pertaining to investigating the use of deadly force

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is designed for attorneys, law enforcement officials, city and county administrators, risk managers and government officials involved in setting policy.


William G. Blair – Moderator
Sole practitioner, William G. Blair, PC

Alexander Gordon
Senior assistant county counsel for Clackamas County, Oregon

Ben Miller
Attorney at the law firm of Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C.