How Depression is Treated in Oregon – a Clinical Overview

Central City Concern’s John Bischof, MD and Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center’s Bridgett Bradley, Pharm.D present a comprehensive overview of the treatment of depression in the public health world as of this moment (August 2015).

Why this series of four videos great is Bischof includes a person in recovery as an integrated part of the presentation. David Lee Greenlee speaks to his experience receiving treatment for depression and makes great comments for the medical professionals in the audience.

SLIDES“Depression: A Darker Shade of Blue” (PDF) –

Depression: Clinical & In Real Life Aspects (1/4)

Depression: Psychiatry 101

Depression: Medication Review (3/4)

Depression: Q & A with Presenters (4/4)


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Each three-hour MEDS Ed session examines a disease state that highly impacts patient quality of life, requires complex management, and may lead to increased emergency department visits and inpatient stays. Speakers are pharmacists and clinicians from the community and from CareOregon staff.