Help raise money for a specialized, wheelchair-accessible van for David Oaks


We all know stories about how one moment can change a life. One Sunday in December, 2012, my friend David Oaks reached to get his cat out of a loft. His foot slipped on the ladder and he fell backwards and broke his neck. He is now paralyzed from his shoulders down and will be in a wheelchair the rest of his life.

The financial impact of David’s slip has been overwhelming. David has been a social activist his entire adult life, working tirelessly for the past 30 years for a small non-profit advocating for human rights for survivors of the abuses of the psychiatric system. His wife, Debra, works for the local public library and has health insurance, but there are many expenses which are not covered. Friends and local agencies have donated the labor costs toward the remodel of their house to allow him to live at home, but not the materials. From the drug co-pays through return visits to the rehabilitation hospital in Denver to periodic replacement of the battery on his complicated wheelchair, the cost of daily life has increased tremendously.

David would like to continue his activism, but needs both manual and technological help with email, the internet, a computer and a van. A specially-equipped van for his large wheelchair will require $55,000. That’s what we are aiming for–and with your help, we know we can achieve this goal!

As a member of The Friends of David Oaks, I can say we feel because he has given a lifetime of tireless work for the people whom our society has marginalized and misunderstood, he deserves kindness from the world. In his hour of need, David himself deserves caring from all of us. Will you help David?


On behalf of David and his family and friends, thank you!

Sincerest regards,
John Jordan-Cascade – Eugene, Oregon

For more about David, his life as an active citizen and recent accident, visit his web site: