Hear about Alien Boy on Carl in the Morning radio show, featuring Denis Theriault

From BlogTalkRadio, Feb. 7, 2013

posterCarl’s guest on Blog Talk Radio is Denis Theriault, a reporter for The Portland Mercury, who has covered Portland police violence and its aftermath closely.  Theriault discusses Portland’s top stories, the Portland International Film Festival, and Brian Lindstrom‘s film “Alien Boy.”

“Alien Boy” is the story of James Chasse, a man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but was committing no crime — not even suspected of one — when Portland police decided to confront him, chase him down, and savagely beat him, kick him and Taser him until 26 of his ribs were broken — and then, instead of taking him to the emergency room, they took him to jail.  Chasse died shortly after, in custody.  To this day, no officer involved in his death has been disciplined or held accountable.

The film premieres at Cinema 21 this Friday, Feb. 15.

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