Grand Jury Transcripts Released in Springwater Corridor Police Shooting

From the Portland Mercury, July 18, 2014

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office this afternoon put out the transcripts—some 170-plus pages—of the grand jury probe this month that cleared a Portland police officer in the June 12 shooting of a homeless man, struggling with mental illness, along the Springwater Corridor trail.

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Two officers, Matthew Nilsen and Robert Brown, had come looking for a man accused of trying to steal another man’s bicycle (as we first reported last month). That turned out to be Nicholas Glendon Davis. Davis took a pair of bullets after, cops say, he suddenly pulled a crowbar from underneath his shirt and charged at Brown, who fell down after taking his gun out.

The Mercury will look more deeply at the transcripts next week. But here are several excerpts from Brown’s testimony.

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