Grand jury transcripts released for shooting death of Santiago Cisneros III

The Portland Police Bureau has released grand jury transcripts and dispatch audio from the March 4 shooting death of Santiago Cisneros.  As a service to journalists and researchers, we have broken the transcript into separate files.  These can be downloaded below, as well as the complete transcript in one file.  The dispatch audio is also posted below.

Multnomah County Grand Jury Death Investigation for Santiago Cisneros III
Transcript of Proceedings Held March 20, 2013

Santiago Cisneros Grand Jury Transcript – complete (43MB, 117 pages)

Cover Page

p. 1 – Index of witnesses

pp. 2-30 – Examination of Diego Daniel Cisneros (brother)

pp. 30-38 – Examination of Santiago Cisneros, Jr. (father)

pp. 39-54 – Examination of Officer Michele Boer

pp. 54-72 – Examination of Officer Bradley Kula

pp. 73-79 – Examination of Sgt. John Birkinbine

pp. 79-86 – Examination of Officer Jack Blazer

pp. 87-90 – Examination of Officer Joel Ockunzzi

pp. 91-93 Examination of Officer Craig Gervais

pp. 94-96 Examination of Officer Ney Phothivongsa

pp. 96-97 Examination of Sgt. Chris Kenagy

pp. 98-102 Examination of Sgt. Jeffrey McDaniel

pp. 102-106 Examination of Det. Mark Sponhauer

pp. 106-115 Examination of Det. Rico Beniga

p. 116 Affidavit of court reporter