Campaign for Multnomah County Chair – Aquiles Montas

Aquiles Montas, County Commission Chair candidate

Aquiles Montas, County Commission Chair candidate

Mental health illness is a top priority in my agenda. Is a problem that has been forgotten or pushed to the lower end of issues.

I will ask for audits to all services with higher priority to the mental health and addiction services.

I care about people experiencing mental illness and it’s close to my family experiences. My mother worked as a Director of Operation at a mental hospital in the Dominican Republic bringing great success in treatment, funding, better care services and more family input. Also I have a brother-in-law with bipolar disorder.

Teaming up with County and City as one unit to pool together funding and programs to deal with drug, alcohol and mental people. Like Service Coordination Team, Cascadia, NAMI, City Concern, Folk Time, seeking out more funding public and private to make a better more successful programs.

We need to provide a better system for mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, so that doctors will have monthly supervision with family approval and together with the legal system to ensure no mistreatment. Needing more education to find out the causes, reasons why people are homeless like for example “foreclosures”.

I appreciate your support in my campaign to be the next Multnomah County Chair, to allow me bring new ideas, direction, diversity, and yes inclusion, having your input count. Elect Aquiles Montas for Multnomah County Chair.

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