Federal report on state’s lack of community mental health care draws response

From Maxine Bernstein at The Oregonian, January 24, 2014

I’m hearing from family members and mental health consumers who are sharing their own frustrations of dealing with the state’s mental health care system after reading about this month’s federal report that was critical of Oregon’s community services.

READ – US DOJ Interim Report to the State of Oregon – HTML
READ – US DOJ Interim Report to the State of Oregon – PDF

The report by the U.S. Department of Justice confirmed what many mental health advocates have known for years: the state continues to spend more money supporting restricted, institutionalized services at the state hospital and residential treatment centers, while spending less on community-based mental health care.

There are not adequate community-based mental health services in Oregon, and the state data is so unreliable that Oregon officials don’t even know what programs are operating in counties across the state or whether they meet quality standards.

“While State officials have expressed their desire to create a community-based mental health care delivery system, this is not happening,” federal investigators said in their January report.

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