Eyes & Ears – January 2011

Here’s the January 2011 edition of Eyes & Ears, a mental health consumer run newsletter for consumers, their friends & family and mental health professionals.

Download and read the January 2011 issue at:

Online Reading Version of Eyes & Ears – with links
Full article version of Eyes & Ears – for printing

Contact the editor at eyes.ears@cascadiabhc.org

Included in this issue:

* News on the recent police shootings
* Feds’ state hospital probe could make more headway with new governor
* The Oregon Consumer/Survivor & Addictions Advisory Council is becoming a formal body and is seeking applications for appointment to their council
* Folktime and Comfort Zone drop in centers
* A new mental health recovery program: NorthStar, based on the Clubhouse model
* Allen Ginsberg at Rockland State Hospital
* Mortgage Payment Assistance Program, Jan.24th Energy Assistance Program number
* Extra on the online version with links: DSM-5 revision update, Housing news and more
* Panel forum on Rethinking psychiatry and moving mental health recovery forward; Free Yoga; Mental Health Day at Salem and more

Besides other news there are a variety of listings of meetings, services, support groups, job opportunities and more.