Documents presented during the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session

Below are documents shared during the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session.

CMHP Role in the Public Behavioral Health System, Cherryl Ramirez Executive Director, Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs

Oregon Health Authority Health Systems Division Behavioral Health 101, Presented to Behavioral Health and Health Care House Committee on January 18, 2023 by Alfonso Ramirez, Behavioral Health Equity & Community Partnerships Director, and Shawna McDermott, Behavioral Health Strategic Operations Director

Testimony of Heather Jefferis, Executive Director, Oregon Council for Behavioral Health

SUD Inventory and Gap Analysis Overview

Oregon Substance Use Disorder Services Inventory and Gap Analysis

Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission Statewide Strategic Plan – 2020-2025

Too Early to Tell: The Challenging Implementation of Measure 110 Has Increased Risks, but the Effectiveness of the Program Has Yet to Be Determined – Oregon Sec. of State, January 2023