Debts of county are easy to meet

From the Oregonian, October 5, 1909

Hillside Farm -011

Excerpt text from longer article listing Multnomah County accounts.

On the other hand, the County Poor-farm and Hillside Farm receipts have dwindled from $2589.07 in 1902 to $517.75 last year. The expenditures of the Hillside Farm last year, which included those of the County Hospital, were $30305.29. In 1902 these two institutions expended $16656.58. The reason for the falling off in receipts of the farm is, apparently, that in 1903 the county raised much of its own produce on the farm, a part of which is consumed and a part sold. A new farm has now been purchased, however. The total receipts in the past seven years from the County Poorfarm, County Hospital and Hillside Farm are $4297.89, and the disbursements, $166,831.67.

Hillside Farm - 10 5 09

Hillside Farm – 10 5 09